Chalk Updates: New Features, Tools, and Improvements

Spring has sprung and summer is peeking its rays out. We’re feeling fresh and thought Chalk should feel that way, too! 2017 has been an exciting year already, and we’re not even half-way to the end! With that in mind, we’ve been working to create ways to keep you in the loop so you can share in the excitement with us. After all, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for amazing teachers and our supporters.

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Chalk Classroom Playlist: Inspire Learning Through Music

From enhancing sensory processing to positively directing the seemingly unlimited energy students have, music can be a handy tool to improve and inspire learning in the classroom. We have pulled together some classic tunes to keep your students (and you!) bopping away first thing in the morning before class starts or when you have set aside collaborative downtime for your learners. If you have not already made music a part of your teaching process, look no further, #ChalkJams is here.

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DIY Classroom Websites: Getting Rid of the Guesswork

You may have heard of colleagues making their websites for their classes. What’s with all the hype? What’s the benefit for my students? Do these teachers spend their already limited free time learning how to do web coding? We want to debunk the myth that building a useful and beautiful website is impossible. With a little bit of planning, you can be on your way to having your site that makes other teachers ask, “how do they do it?”

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Teacher Tips: Maintain Productivity – Practically!

Staying on task, keeping motivated, and reaching goals are difficulties that every person deals with on a daily basis. As teachers, there are so many different tasks, deadlines, assignments, extracurricular activities, and things going on in your life that you may need reminding. Not to mention, you have a classroom full of students to factor into the mix. Just because the school day ends in the early afternoon, doesn’t mean your work day does. If you’re looking for suggestions on how to keep your productivity up so you can get outside sooner this spring, or make it through report card season in one piece, here is a listof suggestions and tips to keep your professional and personal lives organized and productive – practically!

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Who, or what, was your inspiration to become a teacher?

Calling all teachers!

We want to give you and a colleague the chance to try out Planboard Plus for 6 months completely free! Planboard Plus is a new tool from that will be launching early in 2017. Planboard Plus allows you to easily share lesson planning ideas in Planboard and work with your fellow teachers to share planning duties. Redundancies are reduced so you can spend less time getting your classroom organized, and more time actually teaching your students.

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The secret to increasing private school enrollment

The school budget, the programs offered, and the teachers on staff all stem from the number of students that enroll at your school. It’s your bottom line. Every private school struggles to continue increasing student enrollment, simply due to the number of education choices available to students. Focusing on increasing enrollment requires a full coordinated effort and often new approaches to programs offered at the school. In this blog we’ll focus on how to leverage what makes your school unique – and how to tell everyone about it.

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