How to Offer Programming at Your School

Tools and training to teach K-12 students computer science

Computer science (CS) education faces a crisis. The White House calls computer science “an economic and social imperative for the next generation of American students.” Yet only 1 in 4 elementary and high schools teach programming. The number of introductory secondary school computer science courses have decreased by 17% since 2005. Every other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) course has seen a steady enrollment increase over the same period.

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The “No Teacher Left Behind Act”

The Every Student Succeeds Act may bring a breath of fresh air to teachers that need it most.

High off the rush from defending the galaxy, Dan Adiletta finishes playing the video game Halo on the snowy afternoon of Martin Luther King Day. Though it is a holiday from school, Adiletta has work to do to prep his team for the upcoming robotics competition, “FIRST Stronghold,” where students compete with castle-bombarding robots. He is not a student though; Dan Adiletta teaches computer science at Gilmour Academy in Ohio. There is a childlike excitement in his voice as he describes the work his students are doing with computers and technology in his classroom, and imagines all of the places their knowledge could take them.

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Students, your teachers procrastinate too!

Because procrastination is part of human nature

Students procrastinate. You’ve done it. We’ve done it. A study done by Knewton found that the majority of students do their work no more than three days before the assignment is due. Similarly, a study of 777 college students in the UK revealed that 4 out of 5 of students waited until the last hours to start their homework.

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Interning at

This past summer we hosted two interns here at Yash Shah was a fantastic addition to our team and we absolutely loved working with him. We learned a lot and he says he did too! As a parting gift he wrote this great blog post about his experience here (we gave him one of our limited and desirable blue hoodies).

I had mixed feelings before starting my internship at I was super excited that I would be getting to do the thing I love (software development) but at the same time I was also very nervous because this was my FIRST real job EVER…

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Bake your Cake First – Understanding UX vs UI Design


One of the biggest misconceptions in the design world (both from those within, and those outside) is that UI & UX designers are the same, that their roles are interchangeable, and that one is simply fancier terminology for the other. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that.

I want to take a moment to clarify the sometimes confusing relationship between UI & UX designers, and how that relationship may take form. These roles, though often confused are from fundamentally different camps.

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