Chalk Updates: New Features, Tools, and Improvements

Spring has sprung and summer is peeking its rays out. We’re feeling fresh and thought Chalk should feel that way, too! 2017 has been an exciting year already, and we’re not even half-way to the end! With that in mind, we’ve been working to create ways to keep you in the loop so you can share in the excitement with us. After all, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for amazing teachers and our supporters.

What’s new at Chalk?

We have a new updates page to keep you in the know with all the tiny tweaks and the major updates. We receive a huge amount of amazing feedback from all of you. New tools, features, and general improvements are made weekly – sometimes more frequently! Since transparency is one of our most important values here at Chalk, we wanted to make sure there was an easily accessible place for you to know how and when feedback is being put into place.

We know all of the teachers who use Chalk are working incredibly hard every day and deserve to have their experience continue to get better and better.

How else can I get cool updates from Chalk?

Glad you asked! On top of making sure the Chalk Suite you know and love is always improving, we work hard behind the scenes to regularly put together handy eBooks, collect customer stories, and share neat ideas on our blog. That’s why we send out a monthly email with the best of the best from Chalk with your benefit in mind!

Do you want to make sure you are receiving these information-filled emails? No problem! Simply add The Chalk Team ( to your contacts and/or safe sender list. We’ll do the rest 🙂

Everything we do at Chalk is based on the feedback we get from you. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your experience with Chalk, email us at You can also reach us on live chat to give us feedback on the fly, or just to say hi. We like that, too!

Speaking of what’s new, Chalk has a playlist for your classroom. Keep the energy high, the imaginations growing, and the excitement for summer up with these classic tunes.

classroom play list music

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Laura is passionate about empowering educators. She believes equal access to personalized education is one of the ways to a better world.